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  • 2020.12.25

    Notice of "Pokemon Room" Accommodation Voucher Present Campaign

Notice of "Pokemon Room" Accommodation Voucher Present Campaign

Starting today, we will be holding a campaign to receive accommodation vouchers for the "Pokemon Room".
By lottery, 10 groups of 40 people will be presented with accommodation vouchers that can be used until April 25, 2021 (Sun).
The application period is until January 17, 2021 (Sun), so please apply using the form below.
For more information on Pokemon RoomPokemon room special sitePlease confirm.

["Pokemon Room" accommodation voucher gift campaign]

【Application period】
From December 25, 2020 (Friday) to January 17, 2021 (Sunday) 24:00

[Winning prize]
"Pokemon Room" Free accommodation voucher (1 night) 10 groups 40 people

A maximum of 4 people (1 night) can stay in the "Pokemon Room" at MIMARU Hotel in the Tokyo area or Kyoto / Osaka area.
The accommodation period is until April 25, 2021 (Sun) check-in, and it cannot be used after the next day.
The target facility isHerePlease refer to.

[Lottery / Announcement]
Winners will be announced by a careful lottery, and the winning results will be sent back to you by email.

* The prize content does not include transportation expenses to the site and meals.
* We may not be able to meet your request on the day of your stay depending on the availability of your accommodation. Check the availability of Pokemon rooms, etc.MIMARU official websitePlease confirm. Details on how to make a reservation will be sent to you by email.
* Accommodation is limited to the winner and his / her companion (identity may be confirmed at the time of accommodation).
* Customers are responsible for any accommodation tax, etc.
* You can only apply once per person.
* Please note that this campaign may be canceled or changed due to unavoidable circumstances.

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Pokemon, Pokemon, and Pokémon are registered trademarks of Nintendo, Creatures, and Game Freak.

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